Written by Shivashish Yadav on   -  3 min read

Why should we study Blockchain?


Everyone is talking about blockchain. It doesn't matter which industry you work for, all of them are trying to implement blockchain. Some of them are still doing POC and some of them are actually implementing it. Everyone wants to get into this technology. Now blockchain is innovative technology. Which is changing a lot of stuff, right? It is replacing the old way of working and then implementing a new way.

There are two kinds of people. The survivors and the swept await. The survivors catch the wave at the right time and make the most of it, while the swept awaits often late to react, and thus they get washed away. The world has witnessed these two for the longest time. To give you an example, go back to the world's greatest film company, KODAK. At one time failed to embrace the digital wave, which led to the sad demise. This brings us to the question of which technology should we gear up for?

Well, apart from Cloud computing, AI, Data Science and Machine Learning. Blockchain is one technology we cannot afford to miss.

According to Gartner, the business value of blockchain is going to touch $176 billion by 2025.

Wait a minute, but what is blockchain?

A blockchain is basically an unhackable decentralized digital network through which two parties can securely transact anything over the internet without involving an intermediary. Now that we know what blockchain is, let's look at the reasons you must learn blockchain.

1. The booming job market

The demand for blockchain professionals has reached crazy proportions. According to TOPTAL, a leading online platform for on-demand tech talent. The requirements for blockchain talent have seen an unbelievable hike of 700% across geographies. This naturally leads us to reason number two

2. Salaries

The blockchain market looks incredible. Right now, there are about 14 open jobs for every blockchain engineer out there. I'm considering the demand and supply mismatch, the average salary of a blockchain developer in India ranges between 5 and 30 lakhs annually.

3. Data Security

Data breach is a common thing, our confidential information such as credit card details are in the constant threat. But guess what, blockchain is 100% secure as it effaces the need to store your personal data, and this explains its unprecedented demand across industries.

4. Diverse Applications

Many industries and sectors such as healthcare, real estate, aviation, energy and resources banking, computing, retail have integrated blockchain as their operating technology. To give you an example, musk, a Danish logistics company, has deployed blockchain to track its containers globally.

5. Investment and Trading

Blockchain technology is the backbone of cryptocurrencies. Which has emerged as a lucrative investment option. Thus, if investment is on your mind, blockchain is something you cannot miss.

Now that you know what makes blockchain a big deal, hop in now before it's too late.