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List of social media channels to recommend for good business growth

Which social media channels to recommend for good business growth, and why?

There are many social media platforms for you to choose from. It's overwhelming, to say the least. How will you decide the right ones for you? Ask yourself these questions mentioned in this post to narrow down your choices.

Ask these questions to choose the correct social media platform

In the last year, consumer social media use has increased across all generations. If you haven't already, it's time to invest in social media. And if you're hesitant about adding more channels, the data shows that usage and spending will continue to rise. You won't want to be left behind.

1. Yelp

The ideal social media platform for businesses, with Yelp, your customers will provide reviews of your business products and services. Since credibility is such a big part of a business's image and its ability to sell its wares, it's always a good idea to encourage feedback from your clients on Yelp.

The benefit of this social media platform is that any negative reviews can easily be minimized by the many positive reviews you can generate on-site. To encourage customers to post reviews on Yelp, promotional offers may be provided.

2. YouTube

By all accounts, YouTube remains the most important audiovisual search engine and platform for social media use. It is second only to Google, but it is owned by Google. Concerning SEO (search engine optimization), YouTube offers maximum traction, and plenty of behind-the-scenes content optimization possibilities (plus you can buy real YouTube views) to boost your company's rankings online. YouTube's pre-rolls, dynamic video retargeting, and remarketing initiatives are highly effective means of increasing your exposure on social media platforms.

3. Instagram

A picture is worth 1,000 words, and this universally popular photo-sharing platform does the trick every time. Customers, clients, delegates, and attendees routinely love to post pictures of their experience on Instagram. The hashtag option is particularly useful, and customers can be incentivized with raffles, giveaways, prizes, and other promotional offers.

4. Pinterest

Companies that have high-quality (HD) images will find Pinterest to be one of the most useful professional marketing channels for social media sharing. Owing to the incredible viral abilities inherent on Pinterest, your marketing message can reach millions of users in double-quick time. Adding URLs to your images can serve as the perfect redirects to your website to boost sales, ROI, CTR, and engagement.

5. Twitter

Much has been made of the waning popularity of Twitter, but nothing could be further from the truth. The 140-character microblogging platform is hugely popular. Tweets that are catchy and exciting will go viral instantly.

Hashtags must be used to enhance the quality of Twitter posts and retweet spectacularly bring the message home. The goal is always to increase the number of followers, and enhance the levels of engagement on your social platforms.

6. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is great for business-to-business marketing. It is a fantastic social media platform that allows you to post professional content about your company's achievements, goals, and objectives.

Since you will be competing with a pool of skilled professionals, it all begins by building connections—not sales pitches. LinkedIn Groups are a great place to begin.

7. Facebook

Last, but not least, is the world's biggest social media platform. Facebook has a myriad of marketing features available to clients, including the Facebook feed, where updates can be posted. Dynamic video retargeting campaigns are highly effective on Facebook, and paid advertising is routinely used by thousands and thousands of companies around the world. With billions of users, Facebook is the most effective social media marketing channel of all, and it is growing fast.

Remember, it's one thing using a social media channel like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or LinkedIn, it's another understanding the list of the best social media tools that you should be using. This includes analytics-based tools, monitoring, and engagement options such as Hootsuite and other popular social media tools. There should be used in conjunction with your preferred social media channels to hit home with the right message every time!

8. Clubhouse

One of the newest social media platforms to break onto the scene, Clubhouse is an invite-only, audio-only app where users can host conversations in chat rooms. In short: Clubhouse is an audio-based social media app. The company describes itself as a new type of social product based on voice that allows people everywhere to talk, tell stories, develop ideas, deepen friendships, and meet interesting new people around the world.

9. Tumblr

Over 200 million blogs are publishing 80 million posts per day. Tumblr allows brands to flex their creative muscle, experimenting with a variety of content formats from text posts to photos to videos and even audio content. Tumblr's major differentiator is the free-form nature of the site and the ability of users to heavily customize their pages. This is the exception to the rule, as nearly all other social networks have standardized profile pages with limited design flexibility.

10. Twitch

Marketers cited live video as the most valuable content for achieving their social goals. And though Twitch is often associated with gaming, it's quickly becoming the go-to platform for all things live-streaming.

Twitch is a live-streaming platform for gamers. Non-gamers may not see the appeal of watching other people play video games, but with 15 million users everyday, Twitch is hugely popular. The primary focus on Twitch is video games.

11. Reddit

Reddit is one of the most trafficked social media sites, with billions of visits per month and over 100,000 interest-based communities. It's a platform known for promoting authentic connection, where Redditors specifically look for and join conversations they can trust. Reddit is home to engaged communities filled with people who share all kinds of interests. Even if brands don't join the conversation, listening to what Redditors are saying yields valuable insights that can be used to improve a brand's product and services.

12. WhatsApp

With over two billion active users worldwide, WhatsApp is one of the most popular consumer messaging apps. For brands, WhatsApp offers an opportunity to personally connect with customers all over the world, provide timely support and share real-time business updates. The ability to directly engage with consumers is especially important

13. TikTok

TikTok is a social media platform for creating, sharing, and discovering short videos. The app is used by young people as an outlet to express themselves through singing, dancing, comedy, and lip-syncing, and allows users to create videos and share them across a community.